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I hold an ACC (Associate Coaching Credential) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). With extensive experience in positive psychology, executive leadership, and university education, I bring a well-rounded perspective to my coaching practice.


My coaching philosophy emphasizes relational transparency, accountability, and trust. I strive to create an environment where clients feel empowered to share their values, aspirations, and thoughts openly.


I believe in a collaborative approach to coaching, where we establish clear, mutually agreed-upon criteria for evaluating our progress and ensuring our work remains effective and relevant.


If you or someone you know is looking for guidance and support in reaching their full potential, I invite you to contact me. I have helped many clients achieve significant growth and fulfillment, and I am confident I can do the same for you.


Warm regards

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Coaching Services


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In these challenging times, many are facing various obstacles. However, there is also an opportunity for personal growth. As a professional coach, I provide a supportive environment to help you explore your goals, values, and aspirations with confidence and confidentiality.


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Clergy members often risk burnout from their dedication to others. Pastoral coaching provides a compassionate, confidential space for pastors to recharge, offering support and encouragement.


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In every successful organization, effective teams are essential. Through group coaching, we honor each team member's voice, foster healthy dynamics, and cultivate a collaborative culture that drives organizational success.



Doctoral students face heavy academic and professional demands. Dissertation coaching provides supportive guidance through their research journey, helping them thrive in their studies.

"Friends, I want to recommend my good friend Frank Berry. Frank is an executive coach who deeply impacted my life back when I moved from private practice law into finance. He and I reconnected this week and I was reminded of his deep insight and care. He also makes my alma mater proud!"

"A seasoned former public school principal who has worked with students of all ages and backgrounds, Frank models outstanding diversity sensitivity and educational insight in the classroom. He creates safe, nurturing learning environments that permit depth and transformative personal exploration of even the most challenging discussion topics. He skillfully integrates contemporary adult learning theory into his instructional design to maximize students’ engagement, learning and growth, no matter what their backgrounds, learning styles, goals and needs."

"Dr. Berry goes above and beyond in helping students explore and decide on their dissertation topic. He asks thoughtful questions and helps students work through the process of deciding. He is also able to keep the class engaged at a very late time after a long day and shows how he cares for students as individuals and not just as students."

"Frank is one of the absolute greatest professors I have ever had. He truly cares about us as human beings. He understands we have a lot going on and makes a genuine effort to understand us and check in on how we’re doing. I appreciate the way he navigates this course. Even thought this is a really difficult subject for a lot of people, he created a safe space for all of us to ask questions and grow every single week. I appreciate him as a human and a professor. Truly enjoyed his teaching style."

"Dr. Berry was an excellent professor for this course given his background in theology. He was able to provide specific insight with his own experiences but also pushed us as a class to grow in our own experiences as well. I really enjoyed taking this class with him, he made the class awesome."

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